Is Invisalign Right For My Teen?

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Invisalign - Can They Work For My Teen?

Here we go. It’s time to straighten your adorable adolescent’s teeth. We all remember the trauma of “brace face” metal braces. Can your teen be spared this embarrassment by the use of Invisalign? Chances are good!

Invisalign is a custom-made series of special clear plastic orthotic trays that are designed to move teeth into proper alignment gradually. The transparent material is nearly inviable, hence the name Invisalign. Most people will not even realize your teen is wearing Invisalign.

Having nearly invisible orthotics is cool, but that is far from the only benefit. The ability to remove the trays for proper dental hygiene is awesome and eliminates the issue of poor access for brushing and flossing. A lot of teens have traditional metal braces removed after treatment to find their teeth and gums have suffered from damage. Invisalign trays work best when worn 20-22 hours a day, and its critical for best results that this guideline is followed.

Another perk of Invisalign is the removal of trays for activities that metal braces seriously impact. Playing sports with a mouth full of metal is a hazard, not to mention it prevents the use of a mouth guard. Playing a wind instrument in band? Not so easy with metal braces. Invisalign to the rescue!

Then there’s the issue of the forbidden food list with metal braces. No more popcorn, apples, caramel, potato chips, nuts, crunchy vegetables, gummy bears or pizza crust, to name just a few. Invisalign allows the enjoyment of your favorite foods while getting that smile perfected.That’s a win-win!

Give us a call today at Smile Craft Dental Studio in Lutz FL, to schedule your teen’s Invisalign assessment appointment . Let the journey to a better smile begin!

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